Cafetin website renewal and new features

Hola! Mi non­bre es Satoko, web designer/developer who just joined cafetin team. Cur­rently I am work­ing on cafetin web­site renewal.

Let me intro­duce some new fea­tures added recently.

Online event calendar

From now on, you can check our event/lesson/workshops online. You can find the cal­en­dar on the side­bar of

This is actu­ally Google Cal­en­dar, so if you use google cal­en­dar, you can see the detail page by click­ing “more detail”.

And also you can set reminder from the page. You can set WHEN/HOW you want to receive the infor­ma­tion, such as “1 day before by email”, “1 hour before by SMS” etc.

Not a google cal­en­dar user? Don’t worry, you can use the data with most of cal­en­dar appli­ca­tions. For exam­ple, you can import to iCal, your mobile phones etc.

Here is the data. Once you add these data to your cal­en­dar appli­ca­tion, sched­ule will be auto­mat­i­cally updated.



For now, only Eng­lish and Japan­ese. Maybe Span­ish in the future.

Con­nected social services

There are so many social accounts when I joined. face­book, twit­ter, mixi etc. Cafetin account, Osaka Tango account, Maxi’s account etc etc.

Now those are con­nected and when some­thing new comes on the web­site, it updates face­book pages and then face­book pages update twit­ter. Fol­low @cafetin_osaka on twit­ter to be updated.

Blogs on the same domain

Blogs used to be on Yahoo! blog and Ameba blog, using one account to update but actu­ally some dif­fer­ent staff wrote the posts. Now blog is a part of and every staff has own account to post entries.

Things to do

Media gallery

Where we upload and share medias such as pho­tos, movies, music. It will be added very near future.


Cafetin de Buenos Aires and Osaka Tango are deeply related, but dif­fer­ent stuff. Cafetin de Buenos Aires is a plat­form for every­body to share time and expe­ri­ences to enjoy. Osaka tango is a Tango orga­ni­za­tion. These 2 has dif­fer­ent characters.

Some kind of online plat­form for everybody

Now our event infor­ma­tion is one way by email mag­a­zine. We can’t know the responses, how every­body feel, what every­body want etc. I am not sure how to imple­ment the plat­form, maybe mail group, social site etc, but some­thing use­ful for every­body and some­thing peo­ple enjoy to use.

I use IT to con­nect peo­ple, to share infor­ma­tion, expe­ri­ences and emo­tion. There are a lot of things we can do to make us happy with tech­nol­ogy :)

Please leave com­ment and help to grow the platform!

posted by : satoko

カフェティンIT事業部。2010年7月に数年ぶりに日本帰国、初の関西暮らしを始めました。活動拠点は地球です。IT divi­sion of Cafetin de Buenos Aires. A nomadic geek based on the earth.  Read more…

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