Tango, Yukako and babies

Hola! Soy Satoko.

The sec­ond day of the work­shop by Jorge Tor­res yes­ter­day. I expected get sore mus­cles from the bal­ance exer­cises the day before, but my legs are still fine. Am I get­ting it tomor­row? Means am I get­ting older?

Today we tried cir­cu­lar move­ment or shall I say spi­ral move­ment? Mak­ing turn a lot, but for myself, my body is not even ready for mak­ing turns, I couldn’t even keep the access, the cen­ter of my body.Well, I must prac­tice a lot!

This time, Mr. and Mrs. Tor­res are here with their lovely babies. Of course Mr.Torres is on the floor and teach­ing us all day, and also Mrs.Torres is with us to help her husband.

While the par­ents are on the work­shop, babies are…

Like this.

Nanny Yukako is with the babies all the time. She is like a areal mom! The baby sleeps on her chest.

I tried to take care of the baby but I was so bad about it… ;(

There is another nanny (do you say “nanny” for a man as well?) Mit-chan. But he is not that good as Yukako is, you see the baby’s face.

Some­times our bar counter became the baby bed ;)

She is not baby any­more, she was a very good girl and play­ing with other peo­ple while her par­ents were on the work­shop. Lovely!

The work­shop ends on Wednes­day (Check the sched­ule here), and also you can see Yukako being nanny till then!

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