Every sin­gle step could be the last one.

Today was the last day of Jorge Torres’s tango work­shop at Cafetin de Buenos Aires.

Today’s topic was “musi­cal­ity” but what he taught us was beyond the topic, he told us about tango, and the life.

Every sin­gle step could be the last one.

The last one in your life, it could be. It can be said for any­thing, today could be the last day for you, your hug, kiss, smile etc etc, every­thing could be the last one. We are liv­ing 24 hours a day, not 10 hours a day.

It is very sim­ple thing but often we for­get about it. Jorge reminded us by his words and dance.

This reminded me about the story of a monk. He has a lit­tle bird on his shoul­der and ask­ing the bird every day “Is today good for die?”, or the story of native Amer­i­cans, famous poem “Today is the day to die”.

Every sin­gle moment is a pre­cious moment, and every sin­gle moment could be the last moment. Thank you very much Jorge for remind­ing us this impor­tant thing.

Be your­self.

Do not try to be some­one, we don’t have to be bet­ter or worse than any­body else, just be your­self. Take of your mask, open your­self, feel your partner.

Being one­self is the most impor­tant thing, but it is some­times very dif­fi­cult for us. As Jorge said, espe­cially for us liv­ing in Japan. Our cul­tural and social envi­ron­ments stop us being open, we have to act some­one who is expected to be there. But Jorge believes it doesn’t mean that we are not allowed to feel same as Latin peo­ple feel.

If you feel like cry­ing, then cry, if you feel like smil­ing, then smile. This is super sim­ple, but at the same time, very difficult.

Thank you very much, Jorge. It was a great work­shop ;)

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