New word — metatarso — from Tango Salon, the workshop by Maximiliano Diaz


Hola! soy Satoko.

Tango Salon; the work­shop by Max­i­m­il­iano Diaz has been started today. The first les­son was about walk­ing and trans­fer­ring weight.

All of us were on the floor with bare feet and tried to feel the floor with our bare feet.

Floor is the best friend, Maxi said.

The music was not even tango, we trained to feel the energy of the body, the music, breathes, and tried to move our bod­ies like waves.

When Maxi explained how to feel the floor with the feet, he kept say­ing “metatarso” but Coco didn’t know how to trans­late, well, we couldn’t under­stand even if she knew the word in Japan­ese though, it was about the bones inside of feet. The sound of “metatarso” some­how made us, Japan­ese, smile, so we all remem­bered the word “metatarso”.

Maxi said that this les­son would help us to try the next step, more dancing.

I am sure it’s gonna be a great series of work­shop. Join us! Maxi is stay­ing in Osaka 3 more weeks (or more!).

You can check the detailed sched­ule here. Con­tact us for book­ing ;)

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