Tango, music, massage and communication

Hola! soy Satoko.

It’s been only few weeks since I met Cafetin and tango, but I am already in love with Tango so much. I have been won­der­ing why, I haven’t learn any tech­nique yet, I haven’t been danc­ing yet, how come I could be in love with tango so quick with­out know­ing some­thing deep? Today I felt like fig­ur­ing out the rea­son when I was talk­ing with a friend of mine who is a Thai mas­sage ther­a­pist, run­ning .

In fact, I don’t even know tango steps yet, it’s been only few weeks since I actu­ally saw tango first time in my life, how­ever, I feel so com­fort­able every time when I join tango lessons. I guess, the rea­son is because it is about communication.

I used to won­der how musi­cians play together at the first ses­sion. Many musi­cian can just jump in ses­sions and play great music with strangers. When I saw tango first time, I was won­der­ing how the cou­ple can do the same move­ment, same steps on every sin­gle steps. Then Maxi took me to walk on the floor, I didn’t know any­thing but some­how my body know which leg to go, and myself felt so com­fort­able with it.

It is about com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Feel­ing each other and move together.

My friend, the Thai mas­sage ther­a­pist said that they do the same train­ing as we did at Maxi’s work­shop. Touch­ing each other, one is the leader and another one is the fol­lower, feel each other and move together.

4 hands mas­sage” is like a ses­sion. 2 ther­a­pists give mas­sage to one per­son at the same time. While giv­ing mas­sage, the ther­a­pists don’t talk each other but some­how, they do the same thing at the same time. When it goes well, the ther­a­pists are also feel so good, my friend told me so.

Thai mas­sage is more like col­lab­o­ra­tion. Feel­ing each other and find­ing the way to make body feel good.

My friend taught me how to do Thai mas­sage, and we did mas­sage on each other. Then I found that when the one who giv­ing mas­sage feel good, the one who gets mas­sage also feel good. This is why Thai mas­sage is called “Yoga with a partner”.

Feel the part­ner, feel the breathes, col­lab­o­rate .… and enjoy :)

This is a core of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, I felt. There are many dif­fer­ent medi­a­tion to com­mu­ni­cate with peo­ple. mas­sage, music, dance, lan­guage.… many dif­fer­ent things but the core might be very simple.

I might be in love with “com­mu­ni­ca­tion” and tango is one way to do it :)

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