Darío Imaz

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1980, Darío Imaz cul­ti­vated a pas­sion for music at a young age. When he was only eleven years old he began to play the gui­tar and was even play­ing in bands before he became a teenager. From the begin­ning he pos­sessed an ear for melody that con­tin­ued to grow as he cre­ated his own com­po­si­tions. Want­ing to push the bound­aries of his musi­cal abil­i­ties, Darío opened up new hori­zons in his per­for­mance life by tak­ing Fla­menco gui­tar courses. After play­ing in a vari­ety of bands, and bent on devel­op­ing a sin­gu­lar sound of his own, Darío decided to cre­ate his solo project. Besides his native lan­guage –Spanish-, Dario also speaks Eng­lish, Japan­ese, Ara­bic, French and Ger­man. His pas­sion for all types of music and lan­guages is man­i­fested in the diver­sity of his songs. His fas­ci­na­tion with Asian cul­ture is what lead him to Japan. Presently Dario Imaz is per­form­ing and pro­mot­ing his music in the Land of the Ris­ing Sun.