Osaka Tango

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Born in Japan. She grad­u­ated from an act­ing school, and com­pleted a pro­fes­sional dance pro­gram at Watan­abe Stage Jazz Cen­ter where she stud­ied var­i­ous dance styles, such as Mod­ern, Bal­let and Jazz under a well known teacher, Takashi Watan­abe. She had been per­formed in sev­eral musi­cals and dance con­certs, and came to New York in pur­suit of her career as a pro­fes­sional dancer, then she meet Tango and she had been study inten­sively in Buenos Aires with many great teach­ers as Mauri­cio Cas­tro, Car­los Gav­ito, Guiller­mina Quiroga, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermo­cida, Gus­tavo Naveira among others.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Max­i­m­il­iano grew up sur­rounded by tango, and stud­ied with some of the most impor­tant teach­ers and per­form­ers, such as Nito & Elba, Omar Vega, los Dinzel, Pablo Veron, Mauri­cio Cas­tro, becom­ing later an assis­tant to most of his teach­ers and accred­ited intruc­tor of tango dis­cov­ery system.

He has per­formed and taught in some of the most impor­tant tango events around the world, includ­ing the New York Tango Fes­ti­val and the National Tango Day in Argentina, the Hol­ly­wood Bowl with the Los Ange­les Phi­lar­monic Orches­tra, at the Bass Per­for­mance Hall of Fort Worth, Texas, at the Costa Mesa Per­form­ing Arts Cen­ter, and at the Lin­coln Cen­ter Insti­tute, NYC, and many others.

Trav­el­ing around the world to many coun­tries in Europe , Asia and Amer­ica , cre­at­ing a real bond with stu­dents because of the ludic (based on play­ing and dis­cov­er­ing the self expression)way of teach­ing . taught Richard gere for the movie shall we dance. And other screen stars as tommy chong. He stud­ied ori­en­tal phi­los­o­phy, ora­tory and pub­lic rela­tions , pnl , med­i­ta­tion, chi kung and other type of dance move­ments and tech­niques, includ­ing con­tact impro­vi­sa­tion , these tools ‚can take stu­dents in a play­ful and no com­pet­i­tive atmos­phere to a bet­ter and deeper under­stand­ing of the tango and himself.